Penguin Corporation of Japan

    Orchid materials

Orchid growth materials.

Sphagnum Moss

(New Zealand origin, Chinese origin,
Chilean origin.)
(1Kg, 3Kg,5Kg,12Kg bag.)
※For the growth of Phalaenopsis.

Red wood Bark.   Composted Bark.

For the purpose of growth of Cymbidium, Cattleya,
Onchidium, Dendrobium or Odontoglossum etc.

Plants activating medicine.
(Ex. natural products.)
Super 20000L..
(1.0 Litre , 10 Liitre bottle.)     

We handle Fertilizer,Leaf−clen,
Orchid-special fertilizer

(10Kg bag. mfr'd by Otsuka Chemical, Osaka.)

We also handle following fertilizer, or chemicals forOrchid;-

Peters, Hyponex, Mag-amp K, Water-pick, Pro-mix, Water-
spray gun"Kirara", Pinch, Japanese-papers, Phalaenopsis 
seedling Glass-Flask etc.

※If you have any inquiry on our Orchid items, please contact Mr.Takase.  of our Company.
Aichi office to be contacted Mr.Matsubara.

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